We manufacture and supply gaskets in any size and material. We also provide a range of gaskets and materials from manufacturers such as GORE, Klinger, Garlock, Novus Sealing and James Walker.

We can also produce bespoke one-off gaskets which are hand fabricated in our workshop.

Typical gaskets we produce include;

  • Head gasket
  • Engine gasket
  • Intake and exhaust gasket
  • Rubber gasket
  • Motorbike gasket
  • Moped gasket
  • PTFE envelope gasket
  • Heat exchanger gasket
  • Valve gasket
  • Manifold gasket
  • Oil gasket
  • Non asbestos gasket
  • Valve overhaul gasket
  • Textile and leather gasket

Please refer to each of our product pages, if the product you require is not listed please contact us for assistance.