Non Asbestos Jointing

Asbestos free materials are made up of carbon, glass, aramid, organic, inorganic, synthetic, minerals with a rubber binder. With the latest Non Asbestos jointing materials it is possible to find a material to suit any application, even steam, which at one time was a problem area for asbestos free materials.

We stock all of the major manufacturer’s materials, including Beldams, Novus, Flextallic, Garlock, James Walker, Klinger and Reinz.

Data sheet information for materials can be found on our website. If you need any further information about specific materials or advise on what material to use contact us for more information.


PTFE Envelopes

PTFE envelopes provide a protective sheath of PTFE over a insert gasket. This will provide a cheap but efficient chemical resistant seal. PTFE envelopes are most commonly available in two forms, these are milled or welded.

We also carry a large range of asbestos – free compression packings, in a wide range of sizes.