Here at WR Gaskets Ltd we have served and evolved to supply and manufacture all types of gaskets and sealing products for the last 35 years to a variety of industries.

Oil and Gas Sector

In the oil and gas market, maintenance activities and continued improvements is fundamentally essential to minimise downtime in all the complex processes. WR Gaskets Ltd recognise that gaskets have to be provided in a fast and efficient manner along with dealing with quality gasket and sealing products. Global Oil and Gas trends may have fluctuated over the years but we have a diligent team of highly skilled and experienced production staff and following Quality Assurance processes has helped in maintaining consistency in our Quality and service.

Petrochemical Industry

We manufacture gaskets and seals for the petrochemical industry. We manufacture a range of gaskets for suitability with all the different standards, specifications and sizes for each of our petrochemical client’s requirements. WR Gaskets Ltd provides a range of sealing solutions specifically aimed at the petrochemical industry and this has been by developing close working relationships with key suppliers of quality products to ensure reliability and safety. We also provide an important role in supplying gaskets and seals for types of valve and pump overhauls as well as specialist shaped heat exchanger gaskets.

Power Generation

Fast turnaround in all industries particular in the power generation industry is crucial. We offer at WR Gaskets Ltd a service availability of 24 hours, 7 days, and 52 weeks of the year. If we have the required materials we aim for the same day delivery on important break downs. We carry a large stock of many NAF gaskets and all types of metal gaskets such as S.W.G. and RTJ rings. WR Gaskets have supported and supplied over the years to many Power Generation clients and contractors in shut-down situations where gaskets are required on an urgent basis.


WR Gaskets Ltd is a proud supplier of gaskets to this industry, supplying the world’s major pharmaceutical groups. Also based in Grimsby, often referred to Europe’s food town, we supply a variety of gaskets to food factories where FDA approval products and materials is essential. In the chemical industry we provide a variety of chemical-resistant gasket materials, such as PTFE, GORE® gaskets and many rubber gaskets in materials such as Viton and Silicone.

Renewable Energy/Wind

Offshore Wind Power development in the UK, particular in north east and Humber region is rapidly increasing. To support the Renewables sector grow, WR Gaskets Ltd have invested in larger CAD operated gasket cutting machines. This improvement in capacity provides greater options and diversity of size and quantity in the production of gaskets for Renewable Energy sectors. Also the Humber region’s ports enjoy easy access to the large offshore wind development areas on the east coast, and to other European sites.


WR Gaskets is perfectly located close to the Grimsby and Hull ports on the East coast of the UK’s gateway to Europe. We have supplied gaskets for the boats and ships that meets the rigid demands and high standards of the marine industry. We manufacture a variety of gaskets, seals and packing’s for the marine industry, such as Hatch seals, Engine gaskets and Head gaskets, Intake gasket and Exhaust gaskets and packing for prop shafts etc.